Felicia Gonzales
interview with Raúl Sánchez  

Jack Straw
Writers in Residence program (2014)

FG:  Raul, thank you so much for joining us today.
RS: Thank you for having me.

FG:  I’m here with Raúl Sánchez, and I’m dying to ask you what makes you want to write?
RS:  The need to express the feeling and everything I see, hear and taste sometimes.

FG:  When did you know you wanted to be a writer?
RS:  I discovered that back in 1972 after the atrocities in Mexico (City) back in 1968.  One of the first poems I have - all yellow paper - dates back to 1972.  I have a couple from that time.  And then nothing else transpired.

FG:  And when you say nothing else transpired, do you mean that you couldn’t write for a period of time.
RS:  Well, I wasn’t really writing, or dedicated to the writing process.  But I picked it up again back in 1994 when I lived in Florida. I started writing little poems for the folks at the Appraisers Office where I worked in Pinellas County. They published them in their newsletters.  Also when I worked for Panasonic I used to write little congratulatory poems for some of the people there.  They liked it. 

FG:  So, you got back into writing as a hobby, or did you feel at that time back in Pinellas County that you had something particular you wanted to say, something that needed to get out on paper?
RS:  Yes, absolutely, I needed to write about the way I was feeling and where my life was going at the time.  The feelings I had about my divorce and the separation from my three boys.  It was a spiritual need that I needed to put down on paper.

FG:  What for you has been the most difficult thing you have written about?
RS:  Probably very deep personal stuff like the passing of my father and one of my sons and memories that are completely indelible  that I need to extract, to squeeze out, sometimes I have to stop because it becomes too much, a little too strong.  Later on I’ll pick them up and will continue to complete them, make them sound like a poem with more rhythm, more feeling and cut out the nonsense.

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